Debbie Dunn
Coldwell Banker Realty

Until you’ve worked with a particular manager in real estate it’s hard to know if you’ll be with the right office. Here are some testimonials from current agents that may help you in your decision.

Debbie Dunn is a consummate professional with a stellar reputation who knows her way around the real estate industry. Knowledgeable, resourceful, genuine, and big-hearted. Debbie is the real deal!

Debbie Dunn is an amazing manager. She is always available to help in all situations. I came to Coldwell Banker from another company, and I did not know you could even have a relationship with your manager.

Debbie genuinely cares about each of us and strives for our success. I am so thankful for Debbie. If not for her I may not have continued with real estate. She is downright fabulous!

Since starting Real Estate in 1983, I have worked with a number of managers. I must say that Debbie is "The Tops". Her dedication and work ethic is unsurpassed. With real estate encompassing a REALTOR®’s life, having a manager that understands our issues and is always there to help is so important. Debbie’s energy and focus on the important issues makes her a very special manager.
Debbie has the spirit to go above and beyond to help make my real estate business successful while at the same time being a great friend. Let me tell you what that means. She helps me leave my comfort zone to try new approaches to become a better agent. I’ve been an agent for quite some time; Debbie gave me the confidence through individual and group trainings to become more assertive. She is more than willing to make herself available for each agent no matter how busy her schedule is. Her knowledge of the real estate business is only equaled by her enthusiasm to learn the latest information in the industry to share with us. If she doesn’t know the answer she works tirelessly until she gets one for the situation, and all with a smile on her face. Debbie’s business ethics are second to none. She conducts her business dealings with integrity and respect for all. As much as she conducts business with the highest standards, she also conducts her personal life with great care and respect for all. Debbie has an outgoing bubbly personality and never forgets to say hello in the morning and goodbye in the evenings. To Debbie our personal lives are just as important as the next listing or sale. Debbie cheers us all on and congratulates us on every referral, listing, contract and sale we make. She is also happy for us when something great happens in our personal lives and cries with us when things don’t go well. She never quits. No matter how tired the rest of us might be, she has the energy to keep going until everything is completed that can be. Debbie makes everyone feel special and important. She takes new agents under her wing to make sure every effort is made to help them be successful. She is available to all of us at most any time. Debbie portrays leadership we all respect and admire. She is as happy to do the most menial tasks as the ones that get accolades and awards. She sets a wonderful example as a leader, co-worker and friend.

Debbie Dunn is an exceptional leader and mentor. Her enthusiasm is only matched by her business acumen and knowledge of the residential real estate industry.

Debbie is a gem, a rare find. She is always available to answer questions when I have them, and has a unique way of making not only me, but each agent, feel equally important and capable. She deeply cares not only about your business, but about you as an individual. She is not only a great manager, but a great friend. I absolutely love her!

Debbie Dunn is a great REALTOR® and Manager of the Colleyville office. She has a knack for making each agent feel special and has attracted a number of talented agents to the office. She's our cheer leader and motivator. She is always available when we need advise for problem solving. We are blessed to have her guiding our office.